Hi, I am Joshua C Garrison

a full stack developer and software engineer

What I Do

I am a software engineer that specializes in web development. However, it is a hobby for me to write Android application for fun.

Computer Programming

Over 10 years of experience in several different programming technologies

Web Development

Over 5 years of being a professional full-stack developer

Sharepoint & Content Management

Several projects that required content management and collaboration

Android Development

Approximately 64k downloads of my android application

Featured Project

Joy and Thad Calvert's Wedding Page.
Thad has been the my best friend (and cousin) my entire life. I am happy to see him marry such as sweet girl named Joy.

About Me

I am a 25 year old software developer that lives in Gastonia, NC (near Charlotte, NC). My passion is in all kinds of computer programming, such as web development, scripting, desktop/server applications, and even mobile applications. I'm also an Android enthusiast and avid golfer.

I started web development when I was still in high school because I originally wanted to start making a hobby website with some friends. That eventually led to my realization for my love to code. I spent several years learning the basics and playing around with some server sides languages such as PHP. By the end of college, I had built two different hobby websites for fun. It has been several years now, but I am skilled in several different languages and still learning more every day!

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I've Got the Skills


Web Design/Programming


Android Development


Networking / Security



Let's Break It Down

Skills and Tools

Bootstrap 3
Object Oriented Programming
Model-View-Controller (MVC)
Network Security
Windows Server / .NET Hosting
SQL Server
Telerik UI Tools
Android Development
Team Foundation Server
JetBrain IDE's (Intellij, PHPStorm)
Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk

My Works

Here is a collection of some of my work.

Calvert Wedding

Joy and Thads Wedding

Thad Calvert and I have have always been cousin and we've been best friends for as long as I can remember. So when he told me he was engaged to the lovely Joy Simpson, it was awesome news and I knew I had to make him the best wedding website.

This project incorporates several different frameworks. Including but not limited to JQuery, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, and cool parallax features.

* Screenshots may differ from actual website

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Smith Wedding

Jacob and Amandas Wedding

Jacob and Amanda are dear friends of mine. I had been looking for a new personal project to do in my spare time and this was perfect. Jacob and I have been friends for over 10 years and it seemed right for me to create his engagement/wedding page. So I did.

This project incorporates several different frameworks. Including but not limited to JQuery, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, and FlexSlider

* Screenshots may differ from actual website

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HD Contacts

Contact Picture Manager

In the spring of 2012, I had to have some surgery done that resulted me to remain in a bed for several weeks. So in the meantime, I began to learn to write android applications. There was a particular bug/issue in the Android operating system that was bugging me and Google didn’t have an ETA on when a fix would arrive. So I began to write a work-around for that bug as my application. Thus, HD Contacts was made.

The application basically just takes one of your contacts that you want to apply a picture to and opens it up in an Activity where you will select an image for them and then crop it to the appropriate size that you want for their contact picture. It then saves the data into files on the SD Card (for portability) and then after you done, you have a collection of these images and who they belong to. It is mostly useful for people who root their phones and flash several ROMs often.

Like many projects though, they have to come to an end. Eventually google fixed the bug that bothered me and I didn’t have time to continue maintaining the code and working a full-time job. So I discontinued the project.

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